End of The Road for Jack Dorsey? A Company Known for Its Proximity to Trump Buys Twitter Shares

Twitter, one of today's most popular social media platforms, allegedly received majority shares by a company known for its proximity to Trump.

30 Popular Camera Apps That Take Over Your Data

CyberNews recently announced that many camera apps in the Google Play store are stealing users' data. Site users who publish a list of apps, mostly of Chinese and Hong Kong origin, warned against possible risks.

Frozen 2 Approaches 1.4 Billion Dollars at Box Office

Frozen 2 continues to make Disney smile with its box office success, while productions such as Jumanji, Knives Out and Little Women continue to struggle to get a piece of the pie. By this time tomorrow, the nominees for the Oscars will be announced. The vision before the Oscars is quite lively and it is possible to find films of almost any style in the halls. there is serious competition at the box office.