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YouTube Backs Down from Bitcoin Ban Saying ‘We Made a Mistake’

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Crypto coins, perhaps covered in a negative way by many people for names used in the fraud scandal that occurred in Turkey. In fact, technology companies in the first place did not know how to approach the issue. One of these companies was the video sharing service YouTube itself. YouTube banned Bitcoin-related content, backed down. Well what does it mean?

After the sudden rise of Bitcoin, which was frequently brought up in 2017 and 2018, companies that developed new communication technologies for crypto currencies did not know what to do. Facebook first banned crypto currency ads, but two years later he founded his own crypto currency union Libra. Twitter and YouTube were among the companies that censored crypto currency ads and content. In fact, the purpose of preventing fraud lies behind these prohibitions.

YouTube provided a unique environment for spreading speculation about Bitcoin. After the ban, the number of such ingredients naturally decreased. There were even hundreds of thousands of subscribers who were not involved in fraud stories, and all videos of Bitcoin channels were deleted. For example, the videos of the DataDash channel, which has 330,000 subscribers.

Following the lifting of the ban Bitcoin content that YouTube began smoothly in the re-launch content in Turkey and other countries. One YouTube official acknowledged that the ban imposed on Decrypt was a mistake. All of the affected videos will begin running again on YouTube over time.

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