Snapchat’s New Feature to Make Our Own Animated Movies: Bitmoji TV

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Snapchat, which recently aims to offer new features to its users, has launched a hit with Bitmoji. The bitmojis that you reflected your own character in first came across as a story. Starting in February, Snapchat is likely to bring a new trend to social media with Bitmoji TV.

Snapchat was a big hit when it came into our lives in September 2011. Unlike the popular social media platforms used before, there was a sharing system based on visuals. Shared images were never recorded and disappeared within 24 hours. Although it’s a feature we’re used to today, it’s a feature that comes into our lives with Snapchat, and it’s one of the biggest reasons for disappearing shares and the use of the app. Snapchat account deletion rates increased rapidly as these beloved features began to be seen later on many social media platforms.

Acting as a result of the rapid decline in the number of Snapchat downloaders and users, management has regained momentum with bitmoji. Using your bitmoj, which you have created based on your own physical characteristics, as a Snapchat profile picture and in messages, has attracted the attention of all users. With the enenched Bitmoji Stories, the interest in the growing interest has increased. In February 2020, Snapchat again announced that it would offer bitmoji TV in a revolutionary step.

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