Notable Big Navi Description from AMD’s Most Important Name

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Lisa Su, AMD’s top executive, made a statement about the new Big Navi graphics cards in the company’s YouTube series “The Bring Up”. We’ll see the new graphics cards in 2020.

In recent years, AMD has made significant strides in both processor and graphics card. The company, which has increased its market share, is also continuing to develop its new technologies. Of these technologies, Big Navi is one of the most notable.
Amd President and CEO Lisa Su was a guest on the company’s YouTube series The Bring Up. Su, although this program provides good news for this year, declined to elaborate. Big Navi’s future this year has been announced.

Lisa Su announced that The Big Navi graphics cards, which are scheduled to compete with Nvidia’s top RTX graphics cards, will be released later this year. Lisa Su has not disclosed details about the new graphics cards, but according to the explanations, they will have prices of more than $400. Big Navi will be able to compete with models such as RTX 2060 and RTX 2080Ti.

The new cards are expected to be unveiled at this year’s E3 Fair. Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X device will also be introduced at the event. In a sense, this will mean that the players will meet the next generation.

Lisa Su also said that Zen 3 “went really well.” Su added that he wants to talk more about Zen 3 later this year. AMD’s no.1 name, “I heard on Twitter and Reddit that people are curious about Big Navi. I’d say you’ll see Big Navi in 2020.

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