Mercedes Marco Polo Camping Caravan Brings A New Dimension to Camping

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German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz is preparing to open new doors for camp lovers. Mercedes will add mbac to its newly introduced Marco Polo camping caravan and will offer users great convenience.

Daimler, a leading figure in the German automotive industry, unveiled its Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camping caravan at the 2020 Caravan Motor and Tourism (CMT) event this week. Thanks to the high-end Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) interface module, users can use many of the vehicle’s features using their smartphones. The interface offers many conveniences to users, and Mercedes hopes to give camp lovers a whole new experience with the Marco Polo.

You can check the clean water and grey water reservoirs.
You can control the charging level of the spare battery.
You can control the level of the replacement heater and set up a timer at night when you want to lower the temperature.
You can control the temperature of the coolant box.
You can open and close the electrically powered pop-up roof and move it up or down.
You can check all the features of the sound system.
You can adjust the brightness and tone of the lights inside the caravan any way you want.

The touchscreen in the caravan can also control all the features mentioned above. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of navigation and multimedia features thanks to the ‘Mercedes me connect’ service that Mercedes has added to its vehicles.

Klaus Maier, Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “The MBAC feature, which will be added to Marco Polo camping caravans in 2020, will become a standard feature of vehicles. Thanks to this technology added to the vehicles, we will offer a whole new comfort to camp fans. Thus, we will continue to move towards becoming a leader in this field by taking innovative steps.”

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