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Android Beta Version of Github Mobile App Released

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Github, a popular destination for notorious people, comes to smartphones. The development team, which recently released a beta version for iOS, has now released a beta version for the Android platform.

A few months ago, we told you that github, one of the hotspots for software developers, would come to smartphones. While this development excites software developers who use Github with no problems, it was a little frustrating that the first beta version of the app was only available on iOS. As of now, however, Github has also been introduced to the Android platform.
The mobile version of Github will allow developers to always go online. So developers will be able to study projects on their smartphones, ask other users for help, and help other users. Moreover, with the notifications sent, developers will be immediately informed of the developments.

The mobile version of Github is currently available in beta on both the iOS and Android platforms. This means that Github developers are currently collecting feedback and addressing problems with the app. Soon the beta process will be completed and developers will be able to use the full version of github’s mobile app

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