30 Popular Camera Apps That Take Over Your Data

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CyberNews recently announced that many camera apps in the Google Play store are stealing users’ data. Site users who publish a list of apps, mostly of Chinese and Hong Kong origin, warned against possible risks.

Especially beautiful photographs have become the interests of all of us since smartphones came into our lives. Even for a simple edit, computers used to be used, but now countless applications that can correct almost any flaws in seconds are now available. Some of these practices are doing more harm than good, these days are once again being talked about.

According to the site’s statement, one of the 30 apps that stole user data has gone so far as to directly access camera data without any permission from users. All three of the developers examined appear to be a group and are believed to have links to malware that has been identified before. It is also reported that these malware is developed for actions that could harm users and phones, such as opening and viewing ads without clicks, downloading and installing apps, adding and removing files.

According to reports, stolen user data includes data such as photos, contact lists, GPS-based locations, audio files, videos, etc. Add that the number of downloads of apps as of December last year was more than 500 million, and we think you’ll have a better understanding of the scary ness of the situation.

List of malicious apps that steal data:

  • BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor&Selfie Camera
  • BeautyCam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera
  • Beauty Camera Plus – Sweet Camera Makeup Photo
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera&Photo Editor
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera &Photo Editor
  • YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  • Sweet Snap- Beauty Selfie Camera&Face Filter
  • Sweet Selfie Snap – Sweet Camera, Beauty Cam Snap
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera with Photo Editor
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  • Beauty Camera – Best Selfie Camera&Photo Editor
  • B612 – Beauty&Filter Camera
  • Face Makeup Camera&Beauty Photo Makeup Editor
  • Sweet Selfie – Selfie Camera&Makeup Photo Editor
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera&MAkeup Camera
  • YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor&Selfie Camera
  • Beauty Camera Makeup Face Selfie, Photo Editor
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera
  • Z Beauty Camera
  • HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editör
  • Makeup Camera – Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor
  • Beauty Selfie Plus – Sweet Camera Wonder HD Camera
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera& AR Stickers
  • Camera 360 Beauty Camera
  • Photo Editor – Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Makeup, Selfie Camera Effects, Photo Editor
  • Selfie Cam- Bestie makeup Beauty Camera&Filters

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